Wooden floor can make a real design statement in any property and add a unique character to the interior. Apart from adding a rich look, wooden floor is extremely durable and can last for decades. However, over the time, an expected deformation of wooden floor occurs due to normal wear and tear.

We provide Dust-Free Floor Sanding services using the latest dust-capturing sanding equipment. This technique used to remove any old finishes, stains, scratches, dents and pits in the wood surface. The process has few stages.

Frist, we will check an overall condition of the floor and will remove redundant nails, screws and staples. Some floor repairs may be necessary in case there is a damage due to excessive moisture or wear and tear. Thinner, cracked boards or a loose parquet block may need to be re-fitted or entirely replaced.

Secondly, we will carry out an overall sanding with a coarse-grade paper to remove a damaged top layer of the wood.  If there are gaps between the parquet blocks, we mix dust collected with resin and apply using filling knife. This method used on parquet flooring, but also on floorboard providing the gaps are not too wide. Slivers used to fill bigger gaps between floorboards.

Next, we will perform a fine grade wood polishing to bring out wood’s natural look and highlight its grains. The final stage is floor varnishing.  We offer a wide range of professional floor finishes. Before choosing, it is important to know a little about the timber you will be treating. Each of the popular timbers have some characteristics that could affect the final outcome of your finish and determine your choice of products. Generally, two coats of varnish applied with a very light sand or buff in between the coats.

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